Kim Kardashian Tells Kanye Their Marriage Is Over

Kim Kardashian Reportedly Told Kanye Their Marriage Is Over. I can’t handle my emotions right now! We have the latest Kanye-Kim update just for you.

Now Let’s start with Kanye. Because every other day, there seems to be another coming out about them. Recall after Kanye’s storm of erratic tweets some of which accuse Kim cheating. He then posted a public apology to her.

After he did this, he requested medical attention, because he is suffering a severe anxiety attack. But it seemed like everything turned out to be fine for the most part.

The following day, Kim arrived at Wyoming, and the two were spotted having a very tense conversation. One that left Kim in tears. Afterwards she returned to LA by herself, while Kanye stayed in Wyoming.

People Mag reports Kim went there and pleaded him to end his presidential campaign, and to focus on his mental health. But he’s being reluctant. Well, now People Mag has another source that’s say the two discussed more than his political aspirations.

According to People Mag, Kim feels like she’s tried everything possible, and isn’t getting back what she needs from her husband. The mag reports Kim flew to Wyoming to tell Kanye their marriage is over and to say goodbye.

People Mag also adds Kanye still wants to work on the marriage, but hasn’t taken steps to repair things, and doesn’t seem to get what Kim is telling him.

He quote: “Hasn’t changed anything that she told him needs to change”. The source adds that Kim is torn and doesn’t want to be divorced with four kids. She’s aware she will be fine financially, but is still concerned about her children.

The mag reports a divorce could be on the horizon. But who knows if Kim’s gonna sign the paper or not.

Another source states that Kim “feels trapped”

“She loves Kanye and she thinks of him as the love of her life,” Says People Mag. “But she doesn’t know what to do.”

Also Kim “knows that it’s not healthy for her to be around him now.”

“And it’s honestly not healthy for the kids,” People Mag reports. “He needs to get his stuff together before he can be any sort of partner or father.”

“Kim wants the best for Kanye and she will always want what’s best for him.”

Let’s hope the best for the couple, especially considering their young kids. The two have always been at the center of discussion. This may not be an ideal environment for the kids to grow up. What do you think?

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